cropped headshotCarol Harris-FikePersonal Leadership Coach, PCC, NCOC

We are able to become leaders in every area of our lives. Life is a journey. We face many crossroads, mountains and valleys.

As you look out over the valley of your life towards the mountains in the distance, ponder these questions, considering all the facets of your life in which you desire to take a leadership role:

  • In what direction do you want to move through your life from here?
    • Do you desire to move down into the valley & join others there?
    • Do you desire to move through the valley & climb the distant mountains?
    • Do you desire to fly over the valley and head straight to the highest peak?
    • Do you desire to move past the mountains to what is waiting on the other side?
  • If you believe you have a choice… and we believe you do… what is holding you back?
  • Where do you need support to begin moving down from the cliff and forward in the direction of your choice?

We have been honored to help countless individuals face the mountains, valleys, cliffs, and other questions that they face in life. Our Personal Leadership coaching services can help you move past the valley to the next mountain top in your life…it can aid you in choosing the best path forward in YOUR LIFE FROM HERE.