Description of the Book:

The flow of life energy within each of us determines how we perceive the world and how others perceive us. When we shift the direction of the flow of our life energy we shift how we move, feel, think, and speak.

Yes, you have a choice in the flow of your life energy! Yes, you have a choice in how you move, feel, think, and speak!

There are 5 distinct flows of life energy: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Center. Each of these is related to an archetype, respectively Elephant, Tiger, Fish, Eagle, and Tree.  Any of the 5 Life Energies can work for you or against you depending on the circumstance. This book gives you the tools to find out what energies you are using in the different areas of your life, when they are working for you, and when they are not, and how to shift them to accomplish your goals.

Carol’s coaching clients have used the life energies to improve their careers, stay true to their dreams, and be more successful in life while living their values. You can too!

Bio of Author:

Carol Harris-Fike is a Personal Leadership Coach. She is also a Mentor Coach with Newfield Network, supporting beginning coaches in becoming more effective in their work. She supports her coaching and mentoring clients through her training as an ontological coach, her work and play with energy practices including Reiki, Tai Chi, and Chi Gong, her avid interest in the brain/body research, her 30+ years as a public educator and international educational consultant, and most importantly, her life experiences. Carol earned certification as an ontological coach from Newfield Network (NCOC), and she holds International Coach Federation credentials (PCC).  She graduated from the advanced somatic course: Body and Movement  in 2012 and was on the staff in 2013. In 2014 she completed Alba Emoting, Level I. Carol continuously adds to her understanding of the cohesiveness of the body, emotions, and language.Carol earned an MA from The University of Texas at Austin and a BS from Texas Tech University.

Carol lives in the mountains of western Colorado and coaches people across North America, Europe, and Asia. Her clients experience the exhilaration of discovering a natural way to live true to their purpose and values by learning to intentionally shift the flow of their life energy to better serve themselves and those around them. Carol’s clients experience a shift in how they move in the world, what emotions they feel, and what words they think, say, or write.  She believes that life is about ease and that we have a choice in how our life energy shapes our life. Carol believes that we truly can live the life we came to live.