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Connect with your true self, your true needs, your true desires
…remember what you came to do in this life.


cropped headshotCarol Harris-Fike, your Personal Leadership Coach, supports you in the discovery of new directions for your life.  Your goal might be to share your wisdom through writing articles or a book and you need some support to believe your ideas will be valued. You might desire some assistance in understanding how to tweak your current career to fulfill your dreams or discover when it is time to make a change or begin planning for retirement – to discover a whole new way to live your life from here.  Or you may just want to have conversations around how you communicate and relate with others.

Carol will also share some simple practices that you can start applying now. These practices will help support you the following ways:

  • Be in the moment. Come back to present (even in the midst of whatever is going on around you) so you can choose your next step from a calm and peaceful place, guided by your higher self…your guides…God.
  • Recognize the eight basic moods that affect how you view the world. And, understand that you have a choice about your mood as you face challenges, opportunities or issues in your life from here.
  • Learn how to recognize, choose and shift between the five distinct ways energy flows through your being. And, understand how and when each serves you and those around you.
  • Actually learn how to choose a mood and an energy that supports you in living your life from here.

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Carol is a Newfield Certified Ontological Coach (NCOC)  and has Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credentials from the International Coach Federation (IFC). She follows the ICF Code of Ethics. She is also an accomplished speaker and consultant. She also serves as a mentor coach for those who are learning effective coaching skills.  Click here for more information on her speaking services.