Coaching Services

Supporting individuals as they develop personal leadership skills to transform, realizing dreams and goals…to live the authentic life they came to live.

18-Einstein and Man

We coach individuals across North America, Europe, and in Asia using personal leadership coaching skills.  Carol brings clients 20 years of organizational leadership and international consultant experience, 15 years of energy work including Tai Chi, Qi Chong, and Reiki and a strong background in of the brain/body research.  Carol, the principal of CHF Coaching & Consulting, LLC, has certification as a Newfield Ontological Coach (NCOC) through Newfield Network. She also has credentials as a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) granted through ICF (International Coaching Federation).

When working with CHF Coaching & Consulting Services, you select a schedule that works for you.  This usually encompasses two or three sessions by telephone per month with an option for emails in-between. Each session usually lasts an hour, subject to your preference. You bring an opportunity or challenge for the focus for each session. Coaching is all about you! At the end of each session, together we design homework for between sessions. Examples include practices we used during the session, observing your world in various ways, journaling, or taking an action such as having a conversation or making an offer or request. It is always your choice of what might serve you with what we have discussed. Many times the biggest shifts for seeing new possibilities happens between sessions based on this homework.