Experience, experience, experience:  The advantage Carol brings is just that!  In her sixth decade; she has lived life and had many, many opportunities for growing. Carol is a lifelong learner with thirty years as a public educator (20 years in administration) and an international educational consultant in “learning how to learn” and brain compatible learning environments. These experiences have added greatly to her understanding of how we grow, learn, and change over time… or not. Carol’s spiritual search has led her down many paths and has added greatly to her understanding of life and how to relate to people as unique beings in this universe.

Additionally, Carol incorporates the latest brain research in learning and living which led to her study of ontological coaching (add link to this page on website) with Newfield Network. Ontology is the study of “being” and this type of transformational coaching involves the coherence of the body, emotions, and language. Carol also is a student of Tai Chi and other spiritual and body practices.  Her understanding of the importance of the body in the transformation of how one lives his or her life adds greatly to the practices she offers clients. She is on the staff of the Newfield Network Body and Movement Program (link to BaM site), an advanced ontological coaching program. Carol has also have developed her own method that supports shifting moods, emotions, and thoughts. Learn more by reading about her book:  5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life.