Your coach is fully present with you in every session.  They can only be of service to you if they are listening to what you are saying in body, emotions, and language. The job of your coach is to develop questions that will challenge you to observe yourself as you really are. This is what will lead to the transformation you desire.

Our goal is to enable you to be as big as you are… to realize your greatness.  Effective coaching requires bold questioning and challenges that allow you to discover new ideas about yourself and how you live your life.  You will be required to participate in homework practices (that you design with your coach) between sessions that lead you to new awareness. And, you will receive support in making declarations and affirmations about your transformations.  Your coach will hold you to these declarations.

Coaching formats are flexible.  You choose sessions in person or by phone or Skype video. You can also choose the frequency of your sessions…some clients prefer a weekly meeting, while others opt for every other week or even once a month.

Scheduled sessions are held in the highest priority…this is the best way to achieve our transformational goals. We understand that life happens, but we have found that when a person is regularly late for sessions or asks repeatedly to reschedule, that person is not ready for a transformation. We ask for at least 24-hour notice of changes and we reserve the right to charge for the missed session.

CHF abides by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. This code includes a high respect for confidentiality and working with you only in our areas of expertise.