Guiding Beliefs

You were given gifts in this life and your purpose is to give them back to the Universe. You know them…they give you joy in living, those things that bring others to you. Sometimes we ignore these gifts and choose to fill our time doing or relating in ways that don’t use them. Coaching can get us back in touch with these gifts so we are using them at least 80% of the time in all our relationships in this Universe.

You have your answers within you. Personal Leadership Coaching is about asking questions that support you in finding a way of “being” in this world that is optimal to share your unique gifts.

Your way of being in your body affects who you are, what emotions you experience, and the things you say internally and to others. Working with all three components of who you are, transforms how you connect with the Universe. Your body contains the wisdom that can transform your life. Allowing your body to move you can make all the difference.