39-Looking up in Trees

39-Looking up in TreesMy husband, Rich, had surgery this week and we are grateful that he is cancer free and recovering. We are also living with all the ups and downs of recovery.


I recently discovered another centering that is supporting me through this time of playing nurse, comforter, cheerleader, and sometimes boss to Rich… oh yeah, and coaching as well….


This centering is to be done with eyes open. Amanda Blake suggests that you practice this over and over so you can center while in the midst of whatever… very helpful for me today!

  1.  Find your Length. This is your Dignity and Worth. – Stand tall but not reaching into arrogance nor collapsing into not good enough.
  2. Find your Width. This is your Connection as well as your Boundaries. It allows for balance with self and others.  -Lean slightly side to side and find that balanced place.
  3. Find your Depth. -Your Back is your Strength from your past experiences, history and more.Your Front is your Vision… your new Creation… all in the state of becoming.
  4. Feel your Dignity, Connection, and Vision and from that place fill your Length, Width, and Depth with your Care. Feel what you are here for and fill your body with that Care.
  5. Again, feel your Dignity, Connection, and Vision, and from that place fill your Length, Width, and Depth with your Mystery. Allow the unknown and Spirit to fill you.

Amanda Blake offers a 7-day Stress to Serenity Challenge which slowly develops this centering practice to what I have shared here. 

Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm, and harmony. –Thomas Merton



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