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We are able to become more effective coaches with every new learning. Carol has supported coaches around the world in bringing the power of somatics to their clients. Coaching the whole person leads to true transformation of whatever is stopping a client in reaching their goals.

In what direction do you want to grow your coaching skills?

  • Do you desire to coach the whole person?
  • Do you desire to understand how the body, emotions, and language are connected?
  • Do you desire to learn practices that can be offered to clients to support the acceptance and then the release of emotions that are not serving them to reach a specific goal?
  • Do you desire to learn practices that will support clients in accessing the wisdom of their body?
  • If you believe you have a choice in how you coach… and we believe you do… what is holding you back?

Where do you need support to begin coaching with a science based approach to deeper more transformative coaching?

Schedule a conversation to see how Carol will support your coaching here: book-session.

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