Newfield Network is one of the founders of the field of Ontological Coaching™, the most powerful, integral model available for working with others to transform their capacity for effective, meaningful action. Newfield Network believes that the coaching profession requires demonstrated mastery of multiple disciplines. Their ontological approach – which integrates transactional and transformational coaching — ensures that participants learn and apply this mastery to professional and personal contexts. Since 1991 they’ve provided their unique curriculum to over 3000 personal and executive coaches worldwide.  Click HERE to learn what current and graduate Newfield students are saying!

Carol continues to contract with Newfield Network as a Program and Mentor Coach for Newfield students around the world and serves on the Newfield Certification Assessment Team. She is also the NN Coordinator for the International Coaching Federation credentialing programs. She serves as the a representative to ACTO (Association of Coach Training Organizations) where she works with representatives from many other coach training schools around the world.

Carol was recently interviewed for the Newfield Network Podcast. Listen to her share her passion for the coaching profession and for ontological coaching