56-Woman in Joy

56-Woman in JoyI know you are busy with the holidays… so this will be brief. I want to share some ideas that could support us all in making it through the family/friend gatherings in this season. The ideas are from the Danish and I love them especially because I have Danish blood in my cells. As you know, I have an identical twin sister (we were triplets at birth) and the only other multiple birth relatives were triplets from Denmark long, long ago! (Go to the original article.) A dear friend and coaching colleague shared this with me (Prerna who lives in Hungry).

The rules that can make hygge work with your friends and family are as follows:

  1.  Come as you are: trust and be trusted that we desire connection, not to prove something.
  2. Forget the controversy: Especially in this political season (US and maybe others), leave the divisive or controversial topics out of your conversation.
  3. Think of yourself as a team member: Offer your help and support whenever and wherever… oh, and except “no” as an answer as well.
  4. See hygge as a shelter from the outside: No matter the group, this is not time for networking, social climbing and the like. This is a sacred place with no fear of judgment.
  5. Remember it is time limited: Suggest to family members and close friends that this is “just for tonight”. It is much easier to agree to these rules for “just a bit of time”. Maybe someday it can be for always… we can dream can’t we???!!

 Wishing you peace and joy for this holiday season and for 2016 as well!!
–Carol Harris-Fike

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