What is Coaching?

This JICT IMAGES picture is a metaphor for coaching. The girl (the one being coached) is choosing to climb a difficult path…take a big step, come out of a tunnel.

The hand (the coach) is offered in support. Note that the girl may choose to take the offered hand or not. Coaching is all about you… you choose the topic to be discussed, you choose to accept an offered practice or experience, and you choose to see things in a different light (or not). The hand (coach) is there for support AND believes the answers are within the girl (the coachee).

My experience –Many people are not aware of all of the choices they have in taking leadership in all domains of their life. Often it is discovering how to translate skills they exhibit in one domain to work within another domain.

My offer –  to support people in how to become a leader of their own lives so they feel successful and have what they desire.

I like the world I live in better when people step into their true calling.

CHF Coaching & Consulting, LLC… support for Your Life From Here, supports people who want to live life in the way they know in their hearts they came to live. Whether it is time to change careers, move into the career of retirement, improve a relationship or change old habits that no longer serve you well, you are supported to be who you desire to be.

Clients learn to:

  • Incorporate their personal values into every aspect of their lives
  • Give their individual talents and gifts to benefit the world
  • Live authentically in every domain of life

When working with CHF Coaching, you will be challenged to transform your life and make lasting changes to the areas of your life that you desire to shift from your current situation. Our hope is that you will experience joy, gratitude, and the knowledge you are living the life you came to live. Coaching will help support your observations about yourself and your world and allow you to see things with new eyes to awaken to new possibilities.

Our goal is to help you connect with the truth and understand that the answers truly lie within.  The support of a Personal Leadership Coach can support the observer within you so that you see new possibilities leading to realizing your goals today.

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