My sister was installing drawers in our guest room last week. After screwing the rack to the wall, I wanted to help determine why the top drawer wouldn’t close all the way. We pulled the drawer all the way out and I squeezed into the side of the closet, we put the drawer back in… it stuck… and I couldn’t get it back out. I was stuck! Lots of jokes were made about me spending the night in the closet… ha ha!?

Needless to say as I’m writing this at my desk… we worked it out after awhile. But what do you do when you get stuck?

 Here are some steps that I take from my coaching… see what you think:

  1. Accept and allow the emotions to be just as they come. For me it was a bit of fear as I can be claustrophobic and it was a very small space.
  2. Declare what you are experiencing and allow yourself and others to support you. When my husband and brother-in-law heard my cry for help, they began making jokes. In this case, I laughed… which allowed me to shift to a lighter emotion.
  3. Allow the shift in emotions to happen… recognize it and feel what comes next. It was “relief” and the relaxing into the humor in the absurdity of it all
  4. Consider alternatives to “fix” the situation… be creative. I considered laying down to go under the drawer and scramble out and the “buts” came. I had to squeeze my body (stomach) to get in the corner… so how could I ever get out by squatting and crawling under?? The jokes kept coming. Humor allowed me to get really curious and to prove the others that I could get out. Humor moved me into a more flexible frame of mind… which allowed an idea of being more flexible with my body. I finally was able to lean way back into the corner of the closet and get under the drawer feet first… thank goodness… I got free!

Of course, there are many places in life where we get truly stuck and may not see the humor. And, I know these steps will serve no matter how difficult it seems at the time. Ignoring… avoiding… and not allowing the emotions to flow through and then shift do not serve. Becoming curious, seeing the “box” we are in allows us to think and feel “out of the box” and find a solution.

 But there was a difference in being stuck and choosing to stay.

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