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We have a motion camera positioned on a post off the patio at the ranch. In January 2016 a lynx showed up on several nights. I shared at that time what Googling Lynx revealed. I also read more in my Animal-Speak. The lynx came again this year. I reread what I wrote 2 years ago and that I would share what I discovered, again.

  • Our visitor is a Lynx, possibly of the Canadian variety. Bobcats are more common in the SW part of the US but they are redder, spotted, and don’t care so much for snow. This guy has big feet (to walk on the snow) and loves to eat snowshoe hares, who flourish up in the high mountains of Colorado.
  • Ok, ok… why am I writing about him in this newsletter? Animal-Speak has some interesting thoughts about what it means when he pays a visit, something you might find interesting to ponder. Here are some quotes:

The Lynx is about Secrets and Vision of the Hidden and Unknown. The suggestion is to look for that which is hidden and to trust your instincts as the things you imagine are probably more accurate than you think. He has the ability to teach you how to know the inner workings of others… see what others may be hiding from themselves and others such as fears, activities and even abilities. 

As I pondered what I read, I thought how the Lynx could support all of me (you?) in being more coach-like. A coach listens and feels more than what the client is saying. The coach learns to connect more deeply with the other person. This supports the client in discovering what he really desires to express and/or do. Many times it is a surprise. So, in every interaction with others, I can listen with more than my ears. Here are some ways that I offer for you to do the same:

  • Pay attention to what your body is sensing from another. What emotions are you beginning to experience? Maybe, just maybe, you are picking up on the emotions of the other person.
  • As you listen, ask yourself if the emotions that are coming up are yours. If the answer is no, ponder what these emotions are allowing you to understand about the other person. Or, just ask if he/she is feeling something that he would like to share.
  • An example: I remember some of my conversations with my son when he was a teenager. Jonathan would say, “but Mom, all the other kids are doing this. Why won’t you let me?” What he implied with his words was that he felt “this” was an okay thing to do. What I felt (when I listened deeply) was that he wanted my support, my strength to help him say NO. When I held to my conviction from my values, I felt his relief. On the other hand, when my conviction wasn’t that strong but I kept saying no, he sensed it… and just maybe he was right in that moment. Again, if I was listening deeply, I might pay more attention to my emotions as well as his and just maybe we could come to a compromise.

How might you use the gift of the Lynx and listen more deeply? Please share with me what you experience in paying attention to the inner workings of another. We all have the ability… if we practice.


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