Super-Vision for Coaches supports a coach in acquiring Super-Vision for how they are being within their coaching, mentoring, or coach training practice or even in building their practice.


The International Coaching Psychology Review defines Coaching Supervision as a collaborative learning practice to continually build the capacity of the coach through reflective dialogue for the benefit of both coaches and clients.

Bonus: ICF grants up to 10 Core Competency Credits every three years for credentialed coaches towards renewing an ICF credential if participating with an accredited coaching supervisor. Carol is accredited through the Coaching Supervision Academy.

Carol is enrolled in a year-long course with the Coaching Supervision Academy, the first international coaching supervision training organization in the world. CSA teaches in-depth models and practices that have proven effective in supporting coaches who choose to work with a supervisor. Every session is unique as it is; inspired by what each coach desires.

My Current Super-Vision Group includes 4 coaches; groups can include up to 6 coaches:

The current group Includes 2 recently graduated coaches, one coach with 8 years of experience and one somewhere in the middle. We all support each other wherever we are in our careers.

  • Coach A is exploring the offers he is receiving and how each offer would use his coaching skills in a different way. Who does he want to serve and how?
  • Coach B is moving through his wall of resistance to take action around building his business which led to an exercise in discovering his Life Purpose.
  • Coach C & D are more focused on specific clients each time.
  • Sample session:
    • Each coach presented their focus for the session.
    • Each person reflected by writing How others perceive me and then, How I really am.
    • We all shared our “ahas” and how we might bring the two opposing perceptions closer together.
    • We allowed others in the group to also make observations.
    • It was a lively discussion when one group member shared a different perception from what another coach believed others thought about him.

When you make the choice to work with Carol, HOW: we will take a deep look at the system of your coaching, mentoring or coach training:

  • How you are being & how you desire to be with clients or a specific client
  • How your clients are being both within and without of the coaching sessions
  • How the way both of you are being influences the other & the situation
  • The systems that you and your clients live and work within

Carol offers Individual Super-Vision or Small Group Super-Vision.

Contact Carol for a conversation to see how supervision will lead to Super-Vision for you.

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*Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews shares a description of the lynx as a coach with Super Vision.