JICT IMAGES is an amazing visual tool to connect, inspire, and encourage clients and audiences to bring more of themselves to their learning and their work.  Our mission is to offer facilitators, coaches, and trainers a product using images as metaphors to support any individual or group in connecting at a deeper level.

There are times when we are floating in the direction of our choice…when we are struck with an idea for a product that has the potential to enhance our work. You may see it as a place to dock your boat and spend some time reflecting to discover that there is…or is not an idea worth developing…before you float away once again.

This is exactly what happen when Carol formed JICT IMAGES, LLC, with two other Personal Leadership Coaches to produce a product that coaches can use to support their clients.  The team (Jane Kerschner, Irene Kelly, and Carol) discovered that the product idea could serve many people in many fields of work. With this in mind, their first product, JICT IMAGESJourney with Intuition & Creativity to Transformation, “72 evocative images to take you to the heart of the matter,” was released in August 2010. Since its release, it has received rave review from group facilitators and coaches around the world as they use it to enhance their client discussions. Learn more at www.JICTimages.com.