Two Paths (1)


The Coach takes a walk through a field with a Client. The client chooses the path and the coach follows the client’s lead, being curious about the client’s way of walking and the emotions expressed during the walk through the body and the client’s language. The coach asks questions and/or makes observations based on what curiosity suggests might serve to offer the client.


The Coach supports a client in discovering a new awareness or possibility.



The mentor takes a walk through a field with a coach. The mentor knows the way  and shares what is observed about the way the coach walks with the client and what else might be offered to the client. The coach discovers what might serve to practice in order to be more effective with this and any other client.


The Mentor supports the Coach in looking at what is happening, or not, within their coaching.



Both Supervisor and Coach are on a plateau looking out over the field. Together they observe what is in the field below… the growing plants, the farmer on a tractor, that horse over there, and maybe the trees on the edge of the field. The Supervisor and the Coach zoom in on whatever brings curiosity. Together they have a conversation to explore what either one has zoomed in upon. Both the Supervisor and the Coach share freely. The Supervisor includes coaching as a way of supporting both in discovering more.


The Supervisor supports the Coach in an awareness of self, a client, the client’s situation… all the systems in the Coach’s work with one or more clients. Both zoom in on whatever they each want to observe more carefully.