We live within moods and sometimes we don’t even recognize their names… no really. Think about a domain of your life; i.e. work relationships, personal relationships, etc. Then put a name on the mood that mainly runs how you behave there. Taking a look at my work life recently, I discover that I have recently been living within a mood of resignation around getting contract work. My declaration is: “I have no control over the numbers of clients and no input on when/where… it just comes to me or not.”

Resignation is a mood of accepting that there are no (or very few) possibilities. Whatever happens within this mood is the way it is and it is not in my control. My most recent story is that I had sent an organization an email asking if there was an opportunity for me to coach in an upcoming program. I watched my incoming emails for four weeks with no response. I also received an email from a former organizational client who asked me to mentor coach her in an upcoming program. I responded with the words, “it is against the rules”. This was based on an old story where I made the request and was turned down. In both cases my mood of resignation allowed me limited action and I took virtually none, believing this is the way it is and I have no control.

In the second story, the former client had personal conversations with two people who assign the clients and requested that I would be her mentor coach. I received an email asking me if I would accept her, as they had no problem with the request.

Oh my… in both stories I had acted from within that mood of resignation. The actions I took… or didn’t take… fed the mood and made it a reality for me that I had no possibility of influencing either situation. From “resignation” I couldn’t even see any other possibilities for action. The former client didn’t take action from that mood and really desired to work with me again. She took action and influenced the ending result. (Yes, I always learn from my clients… I get it!)

I often ask clients what mood they are living within and then what mood would they rather be in… if that one isn’t serving them. I know that we can choose a different mood and I even know how to support clients in shifting to that mood. From another mood, let’s choose “ambition”, different possibilities for action are now available.

So why don’t I always do this for myself? Oh yeah, like I always say, “it is a choice”. To know we have a choice in shifting we are best served by stepping back, observing our mood and action or lack of action. If we observe the identified mood is not serving us and those around us, we can choose one that would serve.   Then we can support ourselves (or request support from a transformational coach) in getting there.

Want to know some ways to begin shifting your mood? Check out Chapter Nine in 5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life © 2009. In the meantime, ponder these questions:

So where are things not going so well in your life? What mood is controlling your possibilities? What mood would better serve you and those around you?

Change your mood, change your results.

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