Your coaching sessions will help you…

  • Develop more fulfilling relationships by revealing the belief window you use in relationships, challenging these beliefs to see if they are really true for you at this time, and learning how to be a different observer of yourself and others to allow for new possibilities.
  • Learn to do what you love every day by understanding that you do not have to simply tolerate your professional or personal life.  Discover how to transform how you work and relate with others and / or move into new ways of being and working that satisfy who you really are.
  • Discover the joy of relating to all kinds of people. Learn simple ways to honor who you are and connect more authentically, even with the people with whom you now struggle. Gain valuable verbal and non-verbal tools to manage your emotions – even in difficult situations.
  • Start living life the way you know it could… should… ought to be. View the world and your relationship to it from the core of your life purpose… why you are here. Declare what will actualize this purpose and live it.


Experience, experience, experience: The advantage Carol brings is just that!  She has lived life and had many, many opportunities for growing. Carol is a lifelong learner with 20 years in administration and an international educational consultant in “learning how to learn” and brain compatible learning environments. These experiences have added greatly to her understanding of how we grow, learn, and change over time… or not. Carol’s spiritual search has led her down many paths and has added greatly to her understanding of life and how to relate to people as unique beings in this universe.

Additionally, Carol incorporates the latest brain/body research in learning and living which led to her study of ontological coaching. Ontology is the study of “being” and this type of transformational coaching involves the coherence of the body, emotions, and language. Carol also is a student of Tai Chi and other spiritual and body practices.  Her understanding of the importance of the body in the transformation of how one lives their life adds greatly to the practices she offers clients. Carol has also have developed her own method that supports shifting moods, emotions, and thoughts. Learn more by reading about her book:  5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life.


Carol is fully present with you in every session. She can only be of service to you if she is listening to what you are saying in body, emotions, and language. The job of an ontological coach is to develop questions that will challenge you to observe yourself as you really are. This is what will lead to the transformation you desire.

Our goal is to enable you to be as big as you are… to realize your greatness. Effective coaching requires bold questioning and challenges that allow you to discover new ideas about yourself and how you live your life.  You may choose to use practices between sessions that lead you to new awareness. These are designed with Carol’s support during a coaching session. You may also choose to take specific actions; i.e. observe what sensations and emotions you feel and how they influence your thoughts and words, plan and have a specific type of conversation, follow a schedule you set for work on a topic, etc.

Coaching formats are flexible.You choose sessions in person or by phone or video conferencing. You can also choose the frequency of your sessions…some clients prefer a weekly meeting, while others opt for every other week.

Scheduled sessions are held in the highest priority…this is the best way to achieve our transformational goals. We understand that life happens, but we have found that when a person is regularly late for sessions or asks repeatedly to reschedule, that person is not ready for a transformation. We ask for at least 24-hour notice of changes and we reserve the right to charge for the missed session.

Carol abides by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics. This code includes a high respect for confidentiality.

Guiding Beliefs

You were given gifts in this life and your purpose is to give them back to the Universe.You know them…they give you joy in living, those things that bring others to you. Sometimes we ignore these gifts and choose to fill our time doing or relating in ways that don’t use them. Coaching can get us back in touch with these gifts so we are using them at least 80% of the time in all our relationships in this Universe.

You have your answers within you. Personal Leadership Coaching is about asking questions that support you in finding a way of “being” in this world that is optimal to share your unique gifts.

Your way of being in your body affects who you are, what emotions you experience, and the things you say internally and to others. Working with all three components of who you are, transforms how you connect with the Universe. Your body contains the wisdom that can transform your life. Allowing your body to move you can make all the difference.