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Portrait of Carol hiking in Red Rocks

Carol Harris-Fike


Personal Leadership Coach & Mentor Coach

Carol Harris-Fike shares her passion for coaching and mentoring in her work with clients from around the world. She increases her learning about Ontological Coaching every year. Ontological coaching is about how you show up in the world… how others perceive you. It involves the whole of you; your body, emotions, and language. Learning to observe the whole of you or supporting clients to observe all of who they are makes all the difference in how quickly anyone transforms some part of life that isn’t serving. MORE>

Carol supports coaches in acquiring Super-Vision for how they are being within their coaching clients and their coaching practice. She supports coaches in greater awareness of themselves, their client, or the client’s situation… all the systems in the Coach’s work with one or more clients.




I have absolutely loved my experience with Super-Vision! I am a business owner and a PCC, and the guidance and insights I have received help me to feel "taller" as a coach. I feel that the work I do in Super-Vision is directly translatable to the way I show up and support my coaching clients. I know that there's still a lot for me to learn and room to grow as a coach, and Super-Vision provides a safe and nourishing space for my ongoing development. It has increased my confidence in dealing with difficult situations! Thank you, Carol, I look forward to continuing.

—a recent client

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to learn more about how I use somatic (body) practices in my coaching, mentoring, and Super-Vision.


Carol knows that you are whole, creative, and resourceful and that sometimes you get stuck or just don’t know how to be or what to do in certain situations. Carol listens to your desires for something to be different… including how you are being in the situation. She asks questions that support you in going deeper into what may be holding you back and what is most meaningful for you. Carol becomes another observer of you in a situation and offers her intuitive thoughts. You decide what you want to change in yourself so you can reach your goals. Carol supports your opening to new possibilities with her coaching. MORE>


Carol supports coaches around the world in developing ontological coaching skills. Her expertise in the use of somatics in coaching will support you in going more deeply and thus, more quickly, to support a desired transformation in some part of your client’s life. Whether you just graduated from coach training or you have been in practice for years, Carol has something to offer you. She also has been trained as an ICF PCC Marker Assessor and has trained other Mentor Coaches to support student coaches. Carol can support you in how you can bring the ICF PCC Marker’s into your coaching and mentoring… and how ontological coaching principles support demonstration of many of the Markers. MORE>

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